• Elizabeth Eaman

Four weeks to lift-off!

Four weeks from today Oodle Family Medicine will officially open its doors!

Four weeks from today I will have the chance to practice affordable and compassionate family medicine like I imagined I would.

The office space is coming together. I've nearly all my supplies, most of my vendor contracts, and enough patients to nearly make my overhead.

Tonight I went to a Christmas party for my workspace and networked with some other business owners in the building: massage therapists, chiropractor, health insurance broker, real estate agent, robotics engineer, travel agent, etc. Being part of the Creative Workspace is like having your own business association. I'd love to find out what other businesses are in the building!

Next steps - getting the wi-fi set up, testing out and setting up my new printer, getting my sink installed, and figuring out waste, sharps and shredding disposal.

(Image courtesy of Dr. Kylie Vannaman's office in Kansas City!)


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