• Elizabeth Eaman

Dr. Eaman Channels a Hair Band

My last day of work was October 16th. It was a sunny afternoon when I left the office for the last time. I said a lot of see-you-laters instead of good-byes because it was hard to imagine not seeing the people I’d been working with for the last 6 years.

On my way home, I was tearing up, thinking about the people I love there and how much I’ll miss them. Then, no kidding, this song by Whitesnake came on:

Here I go again on my own Going down the only road I've ever known Like a drifter I was born to walk alone And I've made up my mind I ain't wasting no more time…

Of course I had to sing along.

Since my exit from the fee-for-service industry of medicine, I’ve been sleeping a bit better. My wife said I’m smiling more. I’ve been cooking meals and spending most my day getting things ready for the practice.

It is sometimes lonely sitting in my office by myself. But I know that's a temporary problem as soon I will have patients, then eventually staff. Like Whitesnake said, I ain't wasting no more time - this is happening now! There's no going back, I've tasted freedom and it's sweeter than I imagined!

The clinic is nearly patient-ready. Next blog post I'll see if I can get a video to show that you can make 160 square feet work for a small medical practice.


Stay strong and Oodle on, fair followers!


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