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Some useful links

This site from UCSF is one of the more comprehensive. In addition to information for patients, it includes comprehensive, evidence-based treatment and prevention guidelines on care of transgender and non-binary patients. Click the image for the main page and this link to go straight to the guidelines.

The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association has a directory of LGBT-friendly providers. Click on their logo above find a provider or, if you provide LGBTQ-friendly care, create your own listing!

Before you google that new diagnosis your Aunt Marilyn has, look it up here. Health information found here is very similar to the handouts you might get from your doctor's office. Then, if you still have questions, as a medical professional, not "Dr. Google"!.

More resources coming...

Gender Alliance of the South Sound (or, fondly, GASS) is the go-to for peer support South of Seattle. Visit the site to find out more about what's happening in Tacoma and Olympia.

Ingersoll has provider listings, meet-up and groups, and a number of resources for the metro-Seattle Trans and non-binary community. 


Support groups, counseling and much more, Seattle Counseling Service is an LGBT-focused mental health agency founded in 1969.

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