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Why a website, Dr. Eaman?

Because Zombies.

Allow me to explain.

The internet is a very noisy place. Anyone with a credit card can create a website (shoot - I did it)! When it comes to health care and getting answers everyone knows people turn to the web or their smartphones. And here's where zombies come in. Like the zombie apocalypse, suddenly everyone is either screaming at you or trying to eat your brains! Look out! It's Cancer! Or come over here, we'll save you with snake oil! It's overwhelming and sometimes dangerous (zombies more than internet advice, surely, but you get the picture).

Siri can't tell you if you have cancer

So that's why I created this site. To save your brains from being eaten.

Please do know: This site is not to replace any advice from your personal doctor or medical provider. This site is just meant to be a more quiet, low-key location where my patients, friends and colleagues (and perhaps total strangers) can find some easier answers to things. And avoid all the apocalyptic screaming.

I will be posting information and links to promote healthy eating, exercise, and weight management.

I will provide some resources about gender-affirming & transgender healthcare for adults, pediatric patients, and their healthcare providers.

I’ll blog about current health issues (like flu outbreaks and importance of vaccination) and reflect on things that come up often in the office (like common symptoms or complaints).

I may even get a little personal now and again, but generally, I won't be too serious. It's not my style (please refer to above zombies).

I’ve never really run a website like this before, but I’ve been educating patients in my office for about 10 years now, and working on LGBTQ health issues for even longer than that, and it just makes sense to centralize some of this and make it more accessible.

I’m not looking to make any profits from this website, it’s just an attempt at community outreach.

So consider yourself reached....

When the cat met the new puppy (2012)

Dr. Eaman's Web Search Tips


Chose websites that end in .gov or .edu first and .org second ( is a good one). Websites like mine that end in .com are generally just purchased webspace, but an educational organization or governmental organization would likely have more trustworthy & honest information and not just some random person's opinion.


Don't trust news sources for your health information. Check their sources. Oftentimes the media will blow a small irrelevant thing out of proportion to make a good story sell. Go to the original site.


Feel free to crowd source but always remember: everyone is an expert in their own experience, not yours. So when Aunt Tilly says coconut oil cured her psoriasis take it with a little grain of salt. 

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