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We need to do better for mental health care. Period.

Short & serious blog post here.

I have an infinite number of stories about patients who did not or could not get the mental health care they needed. There are few stories as compelling as those from my transgender patients who had the misfortune of being admitted to an inpatient center in the state of Washington. I have hope that this program will help educate those moving into the field of mental health and perhaps help spur some movement to improve the climate at our in-patient mental health centers. There are so many barriers to good mental health care in this country, gender identity does not need to be one of them. I can't attend this because I'll be seeing patients in my clinic this day, but I want to put this out there for those who are interested and those who may be able to go. Spread the word.

St. Martin's in Lacey, WA is having a seminar on transgender mental health issues.

Friday, Feb 24, 2017 at 5:00 PM

Here's how you can get more details:

Dr. Eaman's Web Search Tips


Chose websites that end in .gov or .edu first and .org second ( is a good one). Websites like mine that end in .com are generally just purchased webspace, but an educational organization or governmental organization would likely have more trustworthy & honest information and not just some random person's opinion.


Don't trust news sources for your health information. Check their sources. Oftentimes the media will blow a small irrelevant thing out of proportion to make a good story sell. Go to the original site.


Feel free to crowd source but always remember: everyone is an expert in their own experience, not yours. So when Aunt Tilly says coconut oil cured her psoriasis take it with a little grain of salt. 

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