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That time Dr. Eaman did that thing

I've been derelict about blogging, I know! But business has been good and I've been busy saving lives (or at least meddling in them)!

Oodle has been going strong and I even have paid myself once! Granted, it was about 20% of my usual monthly salary but it wasn't nothing, Apparently paying myself 3 months after starting a new practice from scratch is a big deal.

So high-five for me and let's skip a boring recap of the last 4 months and enjoy the now!

Highlight of this week was a discussion with a patient about what they called "shark week," the dreaded time when the uterus rebels. I suggested an angry uterus emoji was in order and they sent me this:

angry uterus

Rad, right?

I love my patients!

No seriously, I have the best patients. I can get to know them better now. I spend time talking (and not just small talk) without having to check the clock 100 times. It's so nice to no longer be rushed!

Speaking of rushed, I had a memory pop up on a social media platform. I shared it with my friends but thought it would be a fun addition here, too.

Here's the backstory:

There was this little sloping hallway at Tacoma General Hospital that went from the wards to the dark, forgotten hallway of the residents room. I'm pretty sure all of that no longer exists (the sloping hallway or the resident's room), but during my time there, the hundreds (thousands?) of times I walked that slope, all I could think was, wouldn't this be fun on roller skates? Plus, we had these work hour restrictions - which were mostly a joke (30 hour call shifts, 80 hours a week, supposedly no more.) But I digress! When the idea for roller skates came into my head, I decided it would also be a way to speedily go from room to room checking in with all my patients as fast as I can! It was a big success, the patients loved it, the nurses didn't report me, my intern filmed me getting my skate legs back... and no one lost an eye.


Dr. Eaman's Web Search Tips


Chose websites that end in .gov or .edu first and .org second ( is a good one). Websites like mine that end in .com are generally just purchased webspace, but an educational organization or governmental organization would likely have more trustworthy & honest information and not just some random person's opinion.


Don't trust news sources for your health information. Check their sources. Oftentimes the media will blow a small irrelevant thing out of proportion to make a good story sell. Go to the original site.


Feel free to crowd source but always remember: everyone is an expert in their own experience, not yours. So when Aunt Tilly says coconut oil cured her psoriasis take it with a little grain of salt. 

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